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NYC Guitar Lessons

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Monday  - Thursday: 10 AM - 8 PM

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Learn guitar with online one-on-one lessons. Live video guitar lessons are very similar to lessons at our studio. We're still face to face with instruments in hand, working on new techniques, new songs and having fun discussing music.


Students receive targeted videos and methods books to compliment each lesson. These materials are easily accessible through each students online portal using Google Classroom.


Virtual guitar lessons from the comfort and safety of your own home

Expert teachers 

Flexible scheduling 

All practice materials provided

Personalized practice videos 

Lessons for adults and kids

Safe and secure lesson rooms

Gift certificates available  

Guitar Strings

How are we different?

Our teachers are professional musicians with active careers. From working with iconic recording artists to performing on Broadway, we love sharing what we've learned along the way. 


About NYC Guitar Lessons

Since 2005, we have been helping students of all ages learn to play guitar. We offer guitar lessons in Brooklyn for beginners and advanced students at our studio or online in a fun, comfortable and inspiring environment. Whether you're picking up a guitar for the first time or you've been playing for a while and are looking to break out of a rut, we can help. 



Female Singer and Bass Guitar

Guitar Lessons for Beginner Adults

Our beginner guitar lessons for adults use a combination or formal and informal methods. We'll discuss the music you're most excited to learn an get you on the road to playing actual songs as soon as possible. You'll learn the basics of chords, song structure and playing music.

Guitar Lessons for Beginner Kids

Beginner guitar lessons are the perfect way to add music to your child's schedule. We approach teaching guitar using a combination of formal and informal methods. We want our students to be excited to come to their lessons and learn to play music they love while internalizing basic music literacy along the way. In doing so, we can build a strong foundation on which to build for years to come. 


If you've been playing for a while and need direction on where to go next, we are here to help. We will guide you through learning more challenging songs and expand your knowledge of the fretboard.


Songs you love

Core fundamentals 

Reading tabs

Traditional notation


Flat picking 


Self accompaniment 

Song writing concepts 

Guitar Playing

Every student has different goals.

We'll discuss yours and custom tailor a lesson program to meet your needs.  

Who we are

Josh Lattanzi, multi-instrumentalist for Norah Jones and many others graduated Berklee College of Music in 1995. He has been playing professionally and teaching privately since then. He appears on albums by Norah Jones, James Taylor and The Lemonheads to name a few and has performed live with everyone from Brian Wilson to Miley Cyrus.

Kind Words

Jim Andralis

I didn't know one thing about playing guitar when I started taking lessons from Josh. He is the best kind of teacher. He loves music, is so skilled, patient and knowledgable, teaches so well, and can tell what's going to help you move into a new level of learning but paces it so you don't get overwhelmed and give up. I returned to taking more lessons since this pandemic happened, and they have totally saved me. I'm writing songs differently, staying sane, plus get to spend an hour each week with one of my all-time favorite hangs.

Jul 24, 2020


Casey McQuillen

Sep 20, 2018

Josh is seriously the BEST! He helped me guitar skills improv so quickly, and was really able to help me in the specific ways I was looking for. I'm a singer/songwriter and am MUCH more comfortable accompanying myself at shows because of our work together. My improved skills have also led me to write more interesting music! I couldn't recommend Josh's teaching enough! I am improving much more quickly than I thought possible


Doug Russell

Jul 23, 2019

I’m having a total ball playing guitar again after a long hiatus and Josh’s instruction has made it so much more rewarding. He’s helped me envision the kind of player I could become and contextualizes the lessons in support of that.

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